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Eight Mile-Okuk Highway
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Leading the way
in civil construction for over two decades

Road Construction and Maintenance

We strive to design and construct all-weather roads to a very high standard ensuring their durability and longevity. We understand that the essential elements of road construction are adequately sized culverts, free-flowing ditches and properly drained road surfaces. As such we work to ensure these elements are captured in all our road construction to ensure better road performance. See link for minor road works.


We Strive to:

  • Uphold the basic principles of good road design, construction and maintenance;
  • Recognise the current and potential road erosion and drainage problems and apply mitigating designs;
  • Consider remedial road treatment that may be needed.

All our road construction and maintenance work is done with due diligence to exceptional standards taking into account all requirements for expected traffic volume and provide all weather sealed roads in both urban and rural settings in the country. We aspire to provide roads with surfaces permanently sealed with bitumen or concrete as pavement treatment.