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Leading the way
in civil construction for over two decades

About Us

Company Philosophy

We focus in total commitment to nation building, through quality, competent and reliable service to our people and the country. We commit every effort in engineering and comply with standards and specification to construct a project that will last longer and fit the required purpose.


Resources and Facilities

Our Head Office is in Lae, Morobe province with one branch in Madang province. We are located at eight (8) Mile along the Okuk Highway about 2 kms out of Lae City. The head office handles all the administration and logistics for all construction projects in the country. The full range of our facilities provide the company the self-sufficiency required to deliver Plant Hire & Civil Engineering Construction projects in any location around the country.

Our facilities include:

  • Head Office
  • Managerial and administration block
  • Heavy equipment mechanical Workshop
  • Equipment storage yard and material consolidation areas
  • Refuelling and dispatching block

Plant and Equipment

We own and operate an extensive fleet of modern construction equipment and vehicles capable of handling all types of civil engineering and construction work.


We have specialised crushing equipment to produce road base and bitumen surface material. Our fleet of equipment is well maintained and versatile to be mobilized for operation in any location around the country.


Company Equipment range from:

  • Excavators -20t to 40t
  • Dump Trucks, water trucks, bulldozers and motor graders
  • Compactors; Vibratory Steel Drum compactor, Padded Drum Compactor and Pneumatic tired roller
  • Chip spreader
  • Asphalt distributor
  • Paver (paver finisher, asphalt finisher, paving machine)
  • Asphalt plant
  • Batching plant
  • Small Equipment and Support Vehicles
  • Environmental Monitoring and Testing Equipment

Crushing and screening plant with:

  • Powerscreen Mobile Jaw Crusher
  • Simley Cone Crusher
  • Terex Impactor
  • Stricker SQ1452 Two deck Screen
  • Mc Closkey R105 Two Deck Screen

Human Resource

We value the importance of our human resource and the critical role employees play in the company's performance.

Great value is placed on maintaining a core group of skilled and dedicated national employees. Some of these employees have been with the company for more than a decade. All employees are mindful  of the company's vision to provide the client with a product that is finished in all aspects. They work  to build strong client relationships and strive to ensure client satisfaction through quality  workmanship and timely delivery of projects within budget.



We have eight (8) full time engineers, a financial controller, project accountant, project management team, tip truck drivers, plant operators, heavy and light equipment mechanics and skilled labour. We can also draw from a pool of skilled expatriate project managers and technical experts that have specific regional and external experience who have worked with the company on previous projects.

At R & Sons we understand that heavy machines and vehicles require a great degree of care or repair. Hence we strive to leave our equipment to trained and experienced hands with spot supervisors checking to ensure investment in our daily operations do not strain or stop. We understand that one machine not running is very critical to our operation and client satisfaction. Hence we have a team of Heavy Equipment Maintenance staff that can readily see to any mechanical issue on a wide range of commercial and industrial units, including:

  • Trucks
  • Trailers
  • Excavators
  • Rollers and
  • Earthmovers

Our aim is to ensure our machine or vehicle is back to peak performance to ensure client satisfaction on any construction work undertaken.

Ensuring safety of all company heavy vehicles and floaters is critical in order for all work to be done on schedule and to client satisfaction. We ensure that our heavy vehicle drivers have safe driving practices as set out by the company Heavy Vehicle Driving Standards.

Some training and assessment of heavy vehicle driver capability is also carried by the company. This includes Fitness to Drive for commercial purposes and assessing their licences.

Our team of drivers have been with the company for a long time now and are found to be very reliable driving 20 tonne dump trucks with 10 cubic meter capacity and floaters ferrying machinery to project sites.


A critical component of our human resource team includes Heavy Equipment Operators. We ensure they possess mechanical skills apart from driving in order to perform his/her job in a strenuous or dangerous work environment.


We ensure our heavy equipment operators have the capability to provide support to the successful completion of construction and engineering work by operating all heavy equipment like earth movers, bulldozers, front-end loaders, rollers and other related equipment.

We also make sure they operate the equipment in a safe and secure way to prevent accidents and damage to equipment and perform periodical safety, maintenance or servicing checks to ensure proper functioning of the equipment.

Our operators work in adherence to safe practices, procedures, work site or traffic laws and report to Project Supervisors and perform other duties when assigned.